SONAR | Be more than just a blip on the map!

Sonar is an award-winning agency specializing in media that is unique, innovative, and powerful. We are committed to delivering messages through effective solutions that focus on return on investment and reaching the elusive on-the-go Canadian customer.

Our vision is to provide the most innovative and cost effective media platforms available, while at the same time relentlessly delivering on what we promise.

Clients from many industries rely on us for our inventory of specialized solutions, and our Western Canadian and National experience makes us confident in handling all campaign sizes.

Sonar Media Solutions - Be more than a blip on the map!

We Plan and Design Custom Media Strategies

Let us show you how we can reach your target audience niche by niche through Curling Clubs, Bingo Halls, Sports and Recreation Facilities, Interactive Digital Store Fronts, Mobile and Pop up Digital Screens, Mobile Billboards, Taxi Media, Building Projections, 3D Spectacular Holograms, Wild Postings, NFC enabled ads, Experimental and other creative media opportunities.

Our diverse range of options in many key markets targets active Canadians and offers a unique and affordable medium to target specific audiences!